Judgment of the Flowers

Winding, bending, world-condemning, Flowers quietly proclaiming: “End of Babel, end of Rome, Every empire comes and goes.” . They break free of our weak constraints, Fences won’t control their grace, Leaping nearer to the sky, Towering over you and I. . These gentle rebels, free of wrath, Hungrily consume our paths, They crown themselves withContinue reading “Judgment of the Flowers”

A Hunger for Righteousness

The following is a message that I presented for my Message Preparation for Women course this semester at Moody. While it is written for an audience of college-aged women living and studying in Chicago, I feel that this message is pertinent for all of us as we continue to face the question of what pursuingContinue reading “A Hunger for Righteousness”


“Passion…will have all now, but Patience is willing to wait.” –John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress Hustle. Hurry. Immediacy. Impertinence. Now or never. Next things and cheap rings. Passion keeps pushing. . Yet, . Could there be a value– A wealth, a fortune, even– In waiting? Warding off vanities with Delayed gratifications. A simmering rumble expounded toContinue reading “Pause”

The City Part 5: The Man Who Entered Through Judah’s Gate

As I’ve noted throughout this series, cities are complex places, displaying all shades of reality–best to worst. The New Jerusalem (as described in Revelation 21), however, is the eternal city that we look forward to as Christians that will not be plagued by systemic racism, corrupt leadership, anger, pain, or any other kind of evil.Continue reading “The City Part 5: The Man Who Entered Through Judah’s Gate”